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Christmas Tree

Our Story

Our Pop Pop (Charlie), Uncle Denny (Dennis), and Dad (Drew) began Yenser’s Tree Farm in 1971.  Along with some help from Nana (Alberta), Nae (Renee) and Mom (Anne), they used grubbing hoes and trowels to hand plant 3,000 Douglas Fir seedlings.  After the tiresome planting they all laid in the field, looking toward the sky.  Planting continued each year, and the first trees were harvested in 1978 as a wholesale order.  By 1979 both wholesale and retail (choose and cut) trees were being harvested.

While farming, Pop Pop (a retired Lieutenant Colonel in the Army) worked at the Lehighton Post Office until 1983. Uncle Denny worked full time at Sensinger’s Greenhouses (also owned by Dad and Uncle Denny) until they sold the business in 2006.  And dad taught 6th grade in Northampton School District until 2000.  They often worked late nights and long weekends to plant, nurture and harvest trees.  As the family grew, our generation began working on the farm.  My brother Andy and cousins Amanda, Laura and Jon all spent many hours working in the trees.  

By the early 1990s the farm had grown with the purchase of additional land and we began digging B&B trees for landscaping.  In 2000 Pop Pop passed away.  Dad and Uncle Denny continued planting trees and operating the retail business out of Nana and Pop Pop’s garage.  In 2005 we proudly joined a national effort to give Christmas trees to military families (Trees for Troops).  We continue to support Trees for Troops.  It is the most meaningful activity of our year, as we honor and thank members of the US Military.

In 2015, we were blessed with the opportunity to purchase the farm.  Ryan chose to leave his career with NAPA Auto Parts, and we moved out of our recently built home and into Nana and Pop Pop’s house.  After years of working at the farm, Ryan took the riegns and made it his full time job.  Jan continues teaching at the Lehighton Elementary Center, in addition to working at the farm.  Their children, Nolan and Logan, both live nearby and have important roles at the farm. Nolan’s wife, Megan, is our Event Coordinator and Logan’s fiance, Natalie, is also active at the farm. Dad and Uncle Denny are always nearby and continue to help often, both physically and by sharing their expertise.  

In 2016 we opened Fall Fest with a pumpkin patch and hayrides.  Fall Fest has grown into a family-oriented fall experience including a corn maze, kid’s play area, corn cannon, food trucks and more.  In 2020 we expanded again with the first annual Sunflower Festival.  


This year, 2024, we are very excited to open a brand new building known as Valley View at Yenser’s.  It will be home to our Fall Fest, Sunflower Festival and Choose and Cut Christmas tree seasons and will offer a climate controlled space for guests to enjoy our gift shop and food.  Valley View at Yenser’s will also be available for weddings and events.

Each season we enjoy planting and growing crops and look forward to welcoming guests to our farm for harvest seasons.  We strive to be good stewards of the land and offer a family friendly farm experience to our guests.  We love our neighbors and community and hope to continue our family’s farming traditions for many, many years.

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